Are you an Overland Park resident who has placed your home for sale on the traditional open market only to be frustrated with the selling process? Chances are food that you have discovered the many drawbacks to trying to sell your home via the traditional route of hiring a real estate agent and listing it on the MLS. At Cash 4 Kansas Homes, our cash home buyers make selling your home faster and easier than you ever thought possible. We pay fast cash for homes, and we would love to talk to you — call us at 913-276-0769 today to get started!

Whether you’ve already listed your home with a real estate agent or you are trying to determine the best way to sell a house, you deserve to know the facts about selling on the open market. Check out the drawbacks to the traditional market below.

Why You Shouldn’t Sell on the Open Market

Renovations and Repairs

Once you make the decision to sell your house with the help of a real estate agent, he or she may do a walkthrough of your home to determine what needs to be updated or repaired. You may also get the recommendation to “depersonalize” your space. Renovations and repairs can present a financial burden for some, and removing family pictures that have hung on the walls for years can be difficult.

Open Houses

If you have ever tried to sell on the open market previously and dealt with the process of holding open houses, you know how inconvenient they can be. Your home has to remain tidy at all times, and you and your family must be prepared to leave at the drop of a hat if a prospective buyer wants a tour. For sellers with pets and several young children in the home, this can be a very disruptive part of the selling process.

Unreliable Buyers

There is nothing more frustrating than performing repairs and renovations to your home and being on edge for weeks (or months!) only to have someone who seems to be a promising buyer fall through. Many circumstances can cause a serious buyer to back out at the last minute, and whether financing doesn’t come through or they decide on a different home, the emotional highs and lows can be trying.

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Fees and Commissions

Figuring out what price you should list your house for is one of the most challenging tasks of selling your home. There are many factors that go into the selling price of your home, and it can be wise to consider the agent’s fees and commissions. When you enlist the help of a real estate professional for listing, marketing, and selling your home, you can expect to lose anywhere between 5 and 7 percent of the sale to these extra costs.

Slow House Sale

Finally, the amount of time that it can take to sell on the open market is one of the biggest drawbacks to the process. When you sell your home in this manner, there are so many factors that can delay the selling process. From fluctuating market conditions and unexpected inspection findings to unreliable buyers and changing closing dates, selling your home on the open market could take months, and in some instances, years.

Cash Home Buyers Overland Park

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