Have you ever found yourself with an unwanted property on your hands? If so, you may have felt like there was no way out and that your back was up against a wall. Owning a home isn’t always all that it is cracked up to be, and at Cash 4 Kansas Homes, we understand that there are a wide variety of circumstances that can make a home feel like a burden rather than a blessing. Because of this, we buy unwanted houses to help Kansas homeowners get the fresh start they need. Call us at 913-276-0769 to speak with one of our house buyers to discover how we can help you!

In today’s post, we’ll review a few situations that can cause a property to be a burden, various selling options, and the benefits of selling your home for cash. Read on to learn more!

Burdensome Properties

There are many reasons why a property may become a burden for someone. Aside from troublesome or unrealistic mortgage terms and looming foreclosures, homeowners come to us with rental properties for sale, unexpected inheritances, and more.

Troublesome Rentals

Being a landlord isn’t easy, especially if you have unreliable or undesirable tenants renting from you. In the event that you have to evict someone from a rental home, tensions can run high. Disgruntled tenants have been known to vandalize rental homes before they leave, causing things like holes in the wall and broken doors. If your rental home has been abandoned without your knowledge, it can be at risk for other types of damage like people stealing appliances and copper plumbing from the home. Simply being unprofitable is enough for a landlord to want to rid him- or herself of the home. At Cash 4 Kansas Homes, we buy unwanted houses in any condition, and we can help landlords get troublesome rentals off their hands.

Unwanted Inheritances

As a final expression of love, some people leave personal belongings behind for friends and family members to enjoy. This might be something as simple as a favorite piece of jewelry, a valuable piece of art, or a collectible car for some people. For others, it could be something as extravagant as a home. If you are on the receiving end of this inheritance unexpectedly, you may find yourself with an unwanted property. Depending on the condition of the home at the time of your friend or family member’s passing, the property could be in need of repair or maintenance. If you don’t have the time or the money to perform the work, or if it is too emotionally difficult to keep the home, let us take it off your hands.

Relative’s Homes

In addition to troublesome rental properties and unwanted inheritances, people often find themselves responsible for helping sell a loved one’s property when they are no longer able to take care of it. For example, if your parents make the move to an assisted living facility, their home will need to be sold if they haven’t made arrangements for someone else to take it over. Likewise, if one of your siblings suffers serious health problems, he or she may need assistance selling a home that is no longer suitable for their physical abilities. Selling a relative’s home can present some unique challenges, and with our vast experience and industry knowledge, our skilled cash home buyers can help relieve the burden quickly.

What Are Your Options for Selling?

When you have an unwanted property on your hands, you might wonder about what the best way to sell a house is. There are many ways to sell a home, but the following are the most common.

  • Hire a traditional real estate agent. This can be a convenient route because the agent takes care of all the work, from listing to closing. Unfortunately, you could lose five to seven percent of the selling price to fees and commissions.
  • For sale by owner (FSBO). Because you’ll save agent fees and commissions, listing your home for sale without the assistance of a professional real estate agent can be tempting. However, this means that every aspect of the home sale is your responsibility.
  • Sell for cash. Working with a private buyer can help you save on common seller’s expenses while trusting a professional to take care of the important paperwork that must be completed with any real estate transaction and closing.

Benefits of Selling for Cash

If selling your home for cash sounds like it might be the best way to sell your burdensome property, it can be helpful to know the benefits this route provides. When you sell your home to a private buyer, like Cash 4 Kansas Homes, you can enjoy a fast home sale and cash in your pocket. In fact, we can complete the entire buying process in less than 30 days. You won’t have to worry about constantly changing closing dates our team backing out at the last minute. Selling your home to a private buyer provides an ethical and efficient real estate solution, allowing you to walk away from troublesome properties as quickly as possible.

We Buy Unwanted Houses in Liberty

Do you have a troublesome rental property, an unwanted inheritance, or some other kind of burdensome property on your hands in Liberty? At Cash 4 Kansas Homes, we buy unwanted houses and we are prepared to make you a fair cash offer. If you are ready to sell your home faster than you thought possible, contact us today to get started or request your offer online now!