For many people, their home is more than four walls and a roof. There can be strong emotional ties when it comes to their home for some homeowners. Although not all people will have this sense of attachment to their house, those that do may have a harder time selling their home than those who don’t. In part one of this two-part series, we’ll explore a few reasons why people may feel a strong emotional tie to their home, and we’ll also review a few sensitive circumstances that may have you contemplating the sale of your home.

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Why Do People Become Emotionally Attached?

Given that we spend so much time in our home, it’s not surprising that we frequently have a very strong emotional attachment to them. There are many things that can fuel this attachment, making it difficult to sell the home when the time comes, but a few of the more common ones include:


Did your child take his or her first steps in your kitchen, or have you raised all of your children in your current home? Was it the first home that you purchased on your own? These are just a few examples of milestones that can cause homeowners to feel strongly attached to their homes. When it becomes necessary to sell the home, it can be difficult for many people to separate their memories from the asset that their home has become, and this can prove troublesome during the selling process.

Family Ties

It might be hard to imagine in today’s society when houses are being built faster than you can imagine, but some people have spent their entire lives in one house. For example, farming families are known to inhabit the same home for generations, passing the property on to younger relatives when the older ones can no longer maintain the land. The longer someone has lived in a house, the more likely it is that he or she will have formed a strong attachment to the home.


If you’ve ever completed a home remodel project, you know just what kind of an investment it is to tear down walls and build them back up again. Not only is this hard manual labor, but a lot of homeowners spend significant amounts of money on home remodels and flips. If you have spent a lot of time, money, and energy remodeling your home, you may have some hesitation when it comes time to sell.

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Emotional Reasons to Sell Your Home

There are many situations that lead to homeowners selling their homes, and some of these reasons have more emotion involved than others. Below, we’ll review three of the most common emotionally charged reasons people sell houses.


Whether it is a spouse, child, or another loved one, the death of someone that you share a home with can bring on many emotions. While many homeowners find comfort in memories of times shared with their loved one, many others find it difficult to continue to live in a home that is rich in memories. For those who identify with the latter, selling the home may be essential to their grief process.


One of the most common assets that married couples share is real estate, and if the marriage has come to an end, one or both parties may feel that selling the home is the best solution to separating their assets. Similar to the passing of a loved one, many spouses go through a grieving process following a divorce, and some may choose to sell the home rather than stay in it to free themselves from unwanted memories.

Health Problems

You may be wondering why health concerns could be an emotionally based reason that a homeowner chooses to sell his or her home. For many people, serious health problems limit their physical abilities. This can prevent them from working, presenting an unplanned financial hardship. This can be very stressful and emotionally draining, so many people choose to sell their home rather than deal with the stress of possibly not making the mortgage payment.

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