As a homebuyer, an open house is the perfect way to find out if a home you’re interested in is the perfect one for you. As a homeowner selling your home, an open house is a great way to expose your house to the public and sell your house fast. Either way, there are certain things potential homebuyers should be aware of when attending an open house.

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In this blog, we go over five things potential homebuyers should look for during an open house.

1. Any (Obvious) Home Problems?

When you’re attending an open house, look for any obvious problems the home might have that could cost you some renovating in the future if you decide to purchase. For example, the paint job of the walls (interior and exterior) or any obvious holes or stains on the counters and cabinets. You should also look for uneven floors or unusual scents, which could be from a smoker in the home or pets.

By being aware of these issues, you’ll be able to determine exactly how much you’re going to have to put into the home after you buy it.

2. What’s The Condition Of The Utilities?

Checking your home of interest’s utilities is extremely vital, as these are utilities you’ll be paying for in addition to your home’s mortgage. Utilities include the home’s plumbing, lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc., and checking out how well they operate in the home will help you decide if the home is already efficient or if you’ll need to do some upgrading.

For example, we suggest checking the pressure of the bathroom’s sink and shower, or checking all of the light switches to see the amount of light needed to illuminate a room in the home.

3. What’s The Neighborhood Like?

Even if you’re in love with the house after you attend the open house, keep in mind you’ll be around in the neighborhood it’s in for a while. Watch for surrounding neighbors and drive through the neighborhood a few times to see if you can see yourself blending in with these folks. If you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood, and you find out a fraternity house is nextdoor to your home of interest, that’s something to consider. You can also determine if the location is up-and-coming, if you do decide to sell your home for more than you bought it for in the future.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions.

A lot of times, people are willing to take what the home-seller says at the open house as truth. We suggest you ask a lot of questions about the property — whenever one pops into your mind, ask it, even if it’s a negative question! Home-sellers need to be straightforward with any concerns or questions you may have, and if it seems like they’re avoiding a particular question, you should find a different avenue of finding it out and reconsider the home you’re interested in. There’s probably a reason they’re being vague.

5. Visit The Home More Than Once!

If you’re a potential homebuyer, keep in mind that the person selling the home you’re interested in will go all-out for an open house. It will likely look dressed up and nicer than it usually does, so visit the home more than once to make sure it’s consistently something you’re interested in. Schedule a second or third visit down the line and bring family members or friends you trust, so you’re not so blinded by certain aspects of the house you love that you ignore the bad parts of it.

Overall, buying a home is a commitment, and you want to make sure you’re buying a property you’ve researched extensively and properly. Visiting the home more than once also expresses your ultimate interest to the home-seller, which could result in you getting the home!

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