If you’re in the process of searching for a new home, there are various routes to go about paying for your home. The traditional way is to get a mortgage through a bank, but thanks to high interest rates, you end up eventually paying more for your home than initially listed. A less traditional way is to pay cash for houses, and this method has many advantages and disadvantages.

There are several real estate solutions out there to choose from, whether you’re a homebuyer or a home-seller. If you’re currently selling your home and are looking for alternative routes than through a traditional real estate agent, at Cash 4 Kansas Homes, we pay cash for houses. Reach out to our team of experienced cash homebuyers today to receive an offer on your Kansas City area home!

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons of paying cash for houses as a potential homebuyer.


As an individual seeking a home, there are several benefits to paying cash for houses. According to the National Association of Realtors, about 30 percent of residential sales are cash transactions. In the long run, if you’re able to pay cash for your home, it’s ultimately a cheaper alternative than taking out a mortgage. Here are a few other advantages:

You don’t need a perfect credit history (or any credit history at all, really).

Since you aren’t going through a bank and won’t be filling out any loan or mortgage applications, your credit history doesn’t need to exist or be stellar by any means. This is something to consider if you’ve procrastinated on building credit or if you don’t have an impressive credit score.

No rents or mortgages.

You might be purchasing a home because you’re tired of paying for overpriced rent. However, the average mortgage rate in the Kansas City area is about 4.3 percent for a 30-year fixed rate. That’s an additional 4.3 percent you’ll pay for your home that you could avoid by paying cash for houses. That percentage might seem small but adds up over time, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Oftentimes, you can negotiate a better deal.

Because you are deciding to pay cash for your home, there won’t be any struggles of getting a loan, ultimately shortening the amount of time it takes to close the deal. This often puts the homebuyer in a spot of negotiating power, so you might be able to pay less for the home than if you were to purchase it the traditional way.


Like most things, paying cash for houses isn’t a completely perfect process. Here are some disadvantages to consider if you’re thinking about paying cash for a home:

You won’t build credit.

Paying a mortgage is great for establishing a decent credit score. Since you won’t have a mortgage, you won’t have a recurring payment to help build your credit. If having a stellar credit score is important to you, purchasing a home the traditional way might be your best bet.

You don’t have any tax advantages.

In the U.S., you can get tax benefits for having mortgage interest. If you pay for your home in cash and thus don’t have a mortgage, you won’t have the opportunity to reap any of those benefits.

Regardless, We Pay Cash For Houses

If you’re a homeowner looking to sell your home, at Cash 4 Kansas Homes, our specialty is in paying cash for houses. Our team of cash homebuyers offers fair, all-cash offers for your home, and we’ve made “cash for houses” our business model because we truly believe in helping people sell their home quickly and with ease.

Regardless of your situation, we’re prepared to make homeowners a reasonable cash offer for their houses. Contact us today by calling (913) 276-0769 or by filling out our online form.