As with any business, networking should be an integral part of a property investor’s business strategy, and when you’re in the business of buying homes for cash, it can be very beneficial to have a go-to group of people you can call on for any given situation. Not only does this form of business networking make it easier for you to accomplish certain trade-specific tasks that often come up during the course of restoring a home, it is also an invaluable and often free method for obtaining and giving referrals. At Cash 4 Kansas Homes, we’ve been buying and selling homes in the Kansas City area for more than 15 years, and we know a thing or two about forming valuable partnerships within the industry. Today, we’ve highlighted a few of the business professionals and/or trades that we have found to be most beneficial in our networking.

Home Inspection Professionals

For property investors, one of the final steps of the renovation process is passing the home inspection. During the final inspection, everything in your investment property will be under scrutiny. From electrical and plumbing to insulation and ventilation, everything will be reviewed with a fine-toothed comb. Having a home inspection professional on speed dial can help you out if you’re faced with an important decision during the building or renovation process. Additionally, when it comes to passing the home inspection promptly, it helps to have an experienced home inspection representative who will disclose potential violations and/or concerns to you in a quick and efficient manner.

City Code Officials

A common issue that arises when property investors are renovating older homes is that of code compliance. For example, building and construction codes were very different in the 1970s for electrical work than they are today. Construction and building codes are put into place to address and account for society’s most significant concerns related to public safety and health as well as environmental concerns. Specific codes can vary from city to city, or even county to county. Having a resource who is familiar with the code compliance regulations of your community can be helpful in several ways. Code compliance during renovations is a very important consideration, no matter how big or small your renovation job is. Failure to comply with local building codes will cause you to fail a final inspection, which can delay your closing and cost you money.

Realty Professionals

The process of selling a home can be a complex venture at best. There is a reason why professional realtors have to pass licensing exams in order to assist in real estate transactions. Realtors must be well-educated in all facets of buying and selling homes, including appraisals, disclosures, taxes, and write-offs. They are also very knowledgeable about the location in which they operate. Having a realtor you can contact when you’re considering purchasing an investment property in a specific part of town can be especially helpful in your research process. He or she can likely tell you a lot about the area’s demographics, school system, landmarks, and other information that will prove important when it comes time to sell the home.

Mitigation Experts

If you’ve ever been involved in the renovation of a home, you know how frustrating it can be when unexpected issues arise that require immediate attention. Not only does it impact your renovation schedule, but unexpected mitigation expenses can completely decimate your budget. For example, imagine you are in the process of pulling up an old, shag carpet and find asbestos tile underneath, or you pull back a section of drywall only to find the studs damaged by mold or termite infestation. Any of these scenarios have the potential of stopping a renovation project in its tracks until the problem is properly mitigated, and cutting corners in areas of health, safety, and structural integrity should never be an option. It can be very helpful to have a good working relationship with a mold or asbestos abatement company as well as a local pest-control professional. These knowledgeable professionals can help ensure your project moves forward in a safe and efficient manner.

Housecleaners and Stagers

Once you’ve put all the hard work of renovation behind you, as a property investor, you want to ensure that your finished project is shined and polished in order to attract the right buyers and top-dollar initial offers. Two things that will go a long way in accomplishing this task is having a spotless home that is properly staged and decorated for the selling process. Sure, you can clean the home yourself and you can possibly even stage it yourself. However, like the other professionals we have reviewed thus far, there is a reason why housecleaners and professional staging companies get paid to do what they do. Having a dedicated housecleaner and staging professional will ensure the highest level of detail is paid to your investment. This is something that both realtors and potential buyers are sure to notice.

Whether you’re an aspiring DIY pro, a landlord, or strictly in the business of buying homes for cash, surrounding yourself with the right team of professionals in your network can make all the difference in how smoothly and efficiently any necessary renovation process goes. If you or someone you know needs to sell his or her home fast for cash, contact Cash 4 Kansas Homes! We’ve got the skills, network, and experience necessary to make your selling process hassle-free. Learn more today! We can’t wait to hear from you!