In the Kansas City real estate market, selling your home can be a breeze — it’s all about the effectiveness of your real estate agent and how they attract people to the listing. With a steady and stable market, sometimes it just takes listing it to get people interested, but what can you do when you need to sell your home quickly and get a large number of buyers in a short period of time?

To sell a home quickly is the dream of the home sellers and real estate agents. If something unexpected has occurred and you have to sell your home quickly, work with us at Smiley Property Investments. Join us in today’s post as we explore tips to help make your home sell more quickly.

What Works in Advertising Your Home for Sale?

Listing your home in Kansas City is one thing, but getting prospective home buyers to it is another. The worst case scenario is setting up an open house only have no one show up, so regardless of the location or how amazing your home is, you need to spread the word to your community that it’s for sale. Try these tips to sell your home more quickly.

Use social media – This avenue may have once been an afterthought, but today it’s one of the most important, and better yet, it’s free. Social media has changed the ways we do a lot of things, including selling homes. Not only can you have your real estate company feature it on their feeds, you yourself can also share it and ask your friends to share it so it can spread wide and far. You can even do a mass emailing to your friends and ask them to keep in mind your home if someone they know is looking.

Use hosting sites – Your real estate agent most likely already uses sites like Zillow and Trulia, so if they don’t, ensure they do! These sites are great because people can search exactly what they’re looking for in the Kansa City area — and it’s your home! Even Craigslist is another avenue to use — it’s free and it gets more eyes on your home.

Go old school – Print is not irrelevant in real estate, especially in the older cohorts. Many people still receive a daily newspaper and check listings that way. Advertise in your local Kansas City newspaper — most newspapers will even post it on their online site. Also, post flyers outside your home or even on community bulletin boards or apartment complexes — the more people engaged, the more prospective home buyers you have.

The most important part of listing your home and have an open house (or a couple) is getting people to look at it. Sure, you may not close on a house, but if your home is not for them, they may be more likely to tell others they know. To get more eyes on your property, do the following:

  • Use social media
  • Use hosting sites
  • Use old-school print

If you’re ready to sell your home quickly to move on to your next adventure, connect with us at Smiley Property Investments!