No two situations of house sellers are the same. Many know their house needs work, but they don’t have the money to go the traditional route of getting the house ready for sale with a realtor (making all the repairs needed to pass inspection, painting all the rooms, updating the kitchen and bathrooms, painting the exterior, cleaning up the property and trimming any neglected trees – to say nothing of fixing any foundation problems and/or replacing the roof!). Some people think they can do the work, but they just don’t have the time. Perhaps they’re in a season in life when they realistically don’t have 3-6 months to dedicate to the prep and sale. Others have hired contractors to tackle a few of the projects, but are now disillusioned due to broken promises, creative excuses on delays (very creative!), and some plain ole’ rip-offs. Many also know that if they list their home “as is” with a realtor, there are no guarantees – the house might sit on the market for months (perhaps lowering the price a few times), they’d have to deal with hundreds of people tramping through their property, and then, of course, they still have to pay big realtor commissions. And, you’d be surprised at how many absolutely cannot emotionally deal with being entangled or responsible for the property one more day!

Good news – You can avoid all of these headaches

You can sell your home quickly and easily to a KC company who will buy your house for cash. That’s what we do at Cash4KansasHomes – we buy houses quickly, close quickly, so you get on with your life.

If you are just tired of all the worry and hassle, unwilling or unable to wait (with no guarantees of the sale outcome) you can solve those problems quickly with one call to 816-399-2228.

Who is right for this option? Homeowners have told us:

  • “The house needs too much work and I can’t afford to fix it.”
  • “I need the cash to buy another property.”
  • “We’re sick and tired of working on it.”
  • “Our house is going into foreclosure if I don’t sell it quickly.”
  • “My ex is not going to get the house too!”
  • “I got an inheritance and can’t deal with it!”
  • “My husband got a job out of state and we need to get there fast.”
  • “I don’t know where to begin!”
  • … and many, many more

When life gets complicated and you want to sell your home quickly, you sure don’t want to have to worry about painting every room so it’s sparkly enough for another family. You’ll know right away if we’re right for you. Give us a call!

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