Selling a rental property can be challenging, particularly if the property is older or in disrepair, and if you’re a rental property investor that specializes in quick quick turn around times, you know how frustrating it can be when a property does not rent or sell as quickly as you’d like it to. Cash 4 Kansas Homes in Overland has specialized in property investments, including selling rental homes, for more than 15 years. Over that time, we have learned a lot about buying and selling rental properties! If you have a rental property for sale and you’re struggling to get the attention of prospective buyers, there are a few things you can do to make your investment more attractive.


Aside from the home itself, the first thing a potential buyer will see when he or she pulls up to a house is the landscaping. If your rental property is lacking in curb appeal, it’s unlikely to impress others looking to buy or invest in the property. To ensure that the exterior of your rental property makes a good first impression, there are a few things to consider with regard to landscaping:

  • Scale. Ideally, the height and size of your landscaping should complement your rental home for sale.
  • Density. Check your landscaping around the exterior of the home and address any overgrowth properly.
  • Color. If the landscaping around the rental home is lacking color, it may be time to consider adding some colorful, low-maintenance perennials to make the property appear friendly and inviting.
  • Maintenance. If you find it necessary to add flowers, shrubbery, or trees, choosing low-maintenance plants will make it easier for you to maintain while you’re waiting for the property to sell, as well as for the future owner.

Neutralize Odors

When a potential buyer walks into your rental property, one of the first things he or she will notice is how the inside smells. Some odors, like tobacco, can be very difficult or impossible to remove from homes while other odors can be easily remedied. To combat offensive odors from former tenants, it can be beneficial to have the home professionally cleaned from floor to ceiling, including carpets, walls, and any draperies or blinds. A clean home will always make a great impression on buyers and investors. Additionally, the interior wall paint can actually absorb odors, so if you’re finding a stubborn smell that won’t go away, a fresh coat of paint may do the trick.

Paint Colors

In addition to fighting unpleasant odors, a new coat of paint on the interior can be an inexpensive and fast way of giving your rental property a much-needed face lift. A rental property for sale is no different than any other property for sale in that prospective buyers are likely to prefer common, neutral colors to unique, bold colors. Choosing the right color can also make a house feel more warm and inviting for buyers as they imagine their own furniture and belongings in each room. So, it’s good to remember that, although bright magenta may be one of your favorite colors, it probably won’t do your rental home any favors.


Does your rental property have carpet that is worn or stained, or outdated linoleum floors that have torn and faded through the years? If you’re looking to sell your rental home, now may be an opportune time to replace the flooring to create a more modern look. With no personal property or tenants in the home, it will be easier and faster for the flooring to be replaced. If you find yourself in the position of choosing new flooring, selecting flooring material that is durable and wears well can add new life and beauty to your rental home. Likewise, there is little doubt that possible private buyers and/or investors will take notice of upgrades, which can increase their initial purchase offer.

Pest Management

Imagine walking into a rental home for sale and seeing a mouse scurry out in front of you, spider webs in the corners, or ants in the kitchen. Seeing these problems can suggest poor maintenance and upkeep on the part of the seller. Whether you’re an investor or private buyer, none of these things would make you want to buy the property. Worse, it could make a potential buyer run as quickly as possible out the door before he or she even sees the rest of the home. If you have a rental home for sale, be sure to contact a reliable pest management company for a thorough inspection prior to listing the home on the market. This will ensure any pest problems are mitigated before interested parties walk through the door.

These are just some of the special considerations to take when you’re working to sell your rental home. If you have a rental property for sale and can’t afford the necessary changes to make it marketable, or if you are just ready to get the property off your hands, contact Cash 4 Kansas Homes today! We can often make an initial offer within 24 hours and we will pay you cash for your rental property. No home is too old or ugly for us. Contact us today!