1. Is There Etiquette In Selling A Home?

    Selling a home can be full of big emotions — stress, elation, and panic run the gamut throughout this process — not to mention preparing your home to be shown at a moment’s notice and securing the home you’ll move into. If you are the seller, there are some guidelines to consider when sellin…Read More

  2. Murphy’s Law in Real Estate

    Murphy’s Law heeds the notion that if anything can go wrong it will — and sometimes this is just the case with real estate. So while putting your house on the market is an exciting time, be prepared for things to come up! At Smiley Property Investments, we do it all in real estate — from priva…Read More

  3. Beneficial Partnerships for Property Investors

    As with any business, networking should be an integral part of a property investor's business strategy, and when you’re in the business of buying homes for cash, it can be very beneficial to have a go-to group of people you can call on for any given situation. Not only does this form of business n…Read More