1. How to Stage Your Home to Make It Sell…Fast! (Part One)

    There are many philosophies regarding how to sell a house, but do you know the ones that work? These days there is a lot more than just posting a “for sale” sign on your lawn — people expect a lot more — and they should because the market is not only stable but thriving. Sure, it’s absolut…Read More

  2. Three Tips To Sell Your Home Quickly

    In the Kansas City real estate market, selling your home can be a breeze — it’s all about the effectiveness of your real estate agent and how they attract people to the listing. With a steady and stable market, sometimes it just takes listing it to get people interested, but what can you do when…Read More

  3. Battle Of The Seasons: When Should You Sell Your Home?

    If you’re a homeowner and have been considering selling your home, real estate experts and market predictors continue to suggest that now is the time to do it! Not only are potential buyers chomping at the bit, inventory shortages continue to rise, driving up home prices — which is all great new…Read More